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Jab One Hitter from Tyson 2.0


Introducing the Jab One Hitter from Tyson 2.0, the compact powerhouse redefining the smoking experience. Crafted with power and precision akin to the legendary Mike Tyson, this one-hitter packs a punch in a sleek, portable design.

With its discreet size and ergonomic build, the Jab One Hitter fits snugly in your palm, offering effortless handling and discreet enjoyment. Constructed from premium borosilicate glass, it ensures clean, potent hits every time, while its minimalist aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your smoking ritual.

Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, the Jab One Hitter from Tyson 2.0 delivers a knockout performance with every draw. Elevate your smoking game and experience the unmatched quality and style of Tyson 2.0 today.